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About Ice Island …


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It all started with …

The story begins with 30-year-ice-making-experience Master Lin. To show his disagreement to the stream of cutting necessary ingredient amounts and cutting necessary procedure to lower the ice making cost, Master Lin had refused most business proposals and lived in very low profile. However, with the passion and love for ice dessert, Master Lin would come up with all kinds of new delicious ice dessert and then share the dessert with neighbors and relatives!

Recently, seeing how low snow ice quality could be in the market (which significantly contradicted with the essence of snow ice~ high quality and great taste), Master Lin could no longer tolerate such a disgrace to his favorite snow ice. Master Lin decided to bring back the honor that snow ice deserved. Soon later, Master Lin evaluated and then selected Ice Island. Master Lin shared his 30 years of excellent ice making experience and tutored Ice Island until Ice Island was capable of making top quality and fully original snow ice blocks.

In order to correctly bring the snow ice blocks into smooth production, Master Lin closely monitored Ice Island’s production planning and production set up. Today, Ice Island manipulates well advanced production equipment to make the best snow ice blocks effectively and efficiently.

Some time back, customers have started to recognize Ice Island’s products, strength and ethics. They started to offer their strong support to Ice Island. Till now, Ice Island sincerely cherishes a continuous growing with customers’ precious trust.

In order to grow with the customers, Ice Island works even harder simply because Ice Island believes that the only time Ice Island survives is when the customers are happy and when the customers make profit! Therefore, if there is any chance we may provide our assitance, we want to hear from you, please!!


  1. What is the price of your mix and snow machine?


  2. hi, i would like to know how many flavor of snow ice that you guy have?

  3. I would like the pricing on your block ice machine.

  4. I’m hendra from indonesia how much the price of your mix and machine?

  5. I’m hendra from indonesia how much the price of your mix and machine?

  6. What is the price of your mix and snow machine? I’m located in Torrance, CA USA.

  7. Please send me the price list for your mix, and machines as soon as you can. I’m in Texas.

  8. hello! please send me price list for the mix and flavors and ice machine. i’m located in San Jose, California. thank you. :mrgreen:

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