Ice Island products have passed strict customs inspections in many countries!

Ice Island has been continuously putting great effort in improving product quality. Because of this non-stop hard working, Ice Island products can easily pass strict customs inspections in many countries, including USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, Peru and etc. Ice Island is committed to this on-going improvement of not only the product quality, but also the cost. We keep an eye closely on any possible chance of cost reduction because we strongly believe that Ice Island can grow further only if our customers grow with great quality but low cost products!

If you need further details on how Ice Island may assist you, please contact us anytime!

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Presenting a new cutting-edge snow ice operation system at Taipei Int’l Bakery Show 2013

All new cutting-edge snow ice operation system!

Ice Island Snow Ice will be joining a strategic partner at Taipei Int’l Bakery Show 2013 from Mar. 28 ~ Mar. 31, 2013. Beside offering snow ice tasting and consultation to potential customers, the show will be presenting a new cutting-edge snow ice operation system. With this system, your daily serving numbers can be easily tracked accurately. Additionally, you will no longer need to move the same ice blocks in and out of the freezers repeatedly during your business time. Most of all, the chance of ice contamination during your shop processing has be dramatically reduced!

For more information about this new snow ice operation system, please write to

Only a limited number of partnerships is offered. We want to hear from you fast!

In the past years, we have received a lot of inquiries from dessert shops and restaurants all over the world. A lot of them are asking if Ice Island has distributors or dealers in their areas to provide related snow ice products. Unfortunately, we had to turn down a portion of the business opportunities because we did not have anyone to provide them local services. If you are interested in such opportunities in your regions, we would like to hear from you. Let’s discuss how we may together ride the money wave coming strongly. However, please take your move soon and quickly because only a limited number of partnerships is offered!

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Why Ice Island Snow Ice?

Why Ice Island


Always remembers the challenges during the business starting stage, Ice Island:

continuously monitor and take the advantage of any possible cost improvement opportunity;

Externally: frequently create suitable projects or packages to customers for better offers.


From IQC, IPQC, FQC to OQC, Ice Island always holds strict gates to ensure high quality and high
Every single snow ice block from Ice Island stands for high quality certification. You can certainly
count on them.

Attachment: (SGS reports of tests on Ice Island snow ice products)


































Ice Island offers prompt and flexible delivery. By doing so, customers may save a portion of stock and storage cost. Furthermore, customers can also constantly receive fresh snow ice blocks.



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About Ice Island~

About Ice Island


Natural, Sanitary,
Customer Comes First

It all started with …

The story begins with 30-year-ice-making-experience Master Lin. To show his disagreement to the stream of cutting necessary ingredient amounts and cutting necessary procedure to lower the ice making cost, Master Lin had refused most business proposals and lived in very low profile. However, with the passion and love for ice dessert, Master Lin would come up with all kinds of new delicious ice dessert and then share the dessert with neighbors and relatives!

Recently, seeing how low snow ice quality could be in the market (which significantly contradicted with the essence of snow ice~ high quality and great taste), Master Lin could no longer tolerate such a disgrace to his favorite snow ice. Master Lin decided to bring back the honor that snow ice deserved. Soon later, Master Lin evaluated and then selected Ice Island. Master Lin shared his 30 years of excellent ice making experience and tutored Ice Island until Ice Island was capable of making top quality and fully original snow ice blocks.

In order to correctly bring the snow ice blocks into smooth production, Master Lin closely monitored Ice Island’s production planning and production set up. Today, Ice Island manipulates well advanced production equipment to make the best snow ice blocks effectively and efficiently.

Some time back, customers have started to recognize Ice Island’s products, strength and ethics. They started to offer their strong support to Ice Island. Till now, Ice Island sincerely cherishes a continuous growing with customers’ precious trust.

In order to grow with the customers, Ice Island works even harder simply because Ice Island believes that the only time Ice Island survives is when the customers are happy and when the customers make profit! Therefore, if there is any chance we may provide our assitance, we want to hear from you, please!!