Ice Island products have passed strict customs inspections in many countries!

Ice Island has been continuously putting great effort in improving product quality. Because of this non-stop hard working, Ice Island products can easily pass strict customs inspections in many countries, including USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, Peru and etc. Ice Island is committed to this on-going improvement of not only the product quality, but also the cost. We keep an eye closely on any possible chance of cost reduction because we strongly believe that Ice Island can grow further only if our customers grow with great quality but low cost products!

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Ice Island Products:

Snow Ice Premix/Base Powder:






Snow Ice Blocks:

   Milky snow ice blocks

  Green Tea snow ice blocks

  Chocolate snow ice blocks

  Coffee snow ice blocks

  Peanut snow ice blocks

  Sesame snow ice blocks

  Mango snow ice blocks

  Strawberry snow ice blocks



Why Ice Island Snow Ice?

Why Ice Island


Always remembers the challenges during the business starting stage, Ice Island:

continuously monitor and take the advantage of any possible cost improvement opportunity;

Externally: frequently create suitable projects or packages to customers for better offers.


From IQC, IPQC, FQC to OQC, Ice Island always holds strict gates to ensure high quality and high
Every single snow ice block from Ice Island stands for high quality certification. You can certainly
count on them.

Attachment: (SGS reports of tests on Ice Island snow ice products)


































Ice Island offers prompt and flexible delivery. By doing so, customers may save a portion of stock and storage cost. Furthermore, customers can also constantly receive fresh snow ice blocks.