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EF01 Professional High Efficiency Snow Ice Freezer


Type I Snow Ice Powder

1. Quality is absolutely non-negotiable despite of higher cost in the product and the equipment.
2. Higher equipment investment.
3. Higher product cost.
4. Small and vacuum unit packing.
5. Most basic ingredients are natural unless otherwise indicated.

(Regular commercial vertical reach-in freezer)


Type III Snow Ice Base Powder

1. Low equipment investment.
2. Low product cost.
3. Easy application.
4. High product quality.
5. Customers need to add milk and sugar themselves.
6. Quality is not an issue as long as at a much-better-than-market-average level.
7. Large unit packing for cost reduction.
8. Lower shipping cost.
9. Most basic ingredients are natural, extracted from natural products or nature identical.

Only a limited number of partnerships is offered. We want to hear from you fast!

In the past years, we have received a lot of inquiries from dessert shops and restaurants all over the world. A lot of them are asking if Ice Island has distributors or dealers in their areas to provide related snow ice products. Unfortunately, we had to turn down a portion of the business opportunities because we did not have anyone to provide them local services. If you are interested in such opportunities in your regions, we would like to hear from you. Let’s discuss how we may together ride the money wave coming strongly. However, please take your move soon and quickly because only a limited number of partnerships is offered!

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