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About Ice Island~

About Ice Island


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It all started with …

The story begins with 30-year-ice-making-experience Master Lin. To show his disagreement to the stream of cutting necessary ingredient amounts and cutting necessary procedure to lower the ice making cost, Master Lin had refused most business proposals and lived in very low profile. However, with the passion and love for ice dessert, Master Lin would come up with all kinds of new delicious ice dessert and then share the dessert with neighbors and relatives!

Recently, seeing how low snow ice quality could be in the market (which significantly contradicted with the essence of snow ice~ high quality and great taste), Master Lin could no longer tolerate such a disgrace to his favorite snow ice. Master Lin decided to bring back the honor that snow ice deserved. Soon later, Master Lin evaluated and then selected Ice Island. Master Lin shared his 30 years of excellent ice making experience and tutored Ice Island until Ice Island was capable of making top quality and fully original snow ice blocks.

In order to correctly bring the snow ice blocks into smooth production, Master Lin closely monitored Ice Island’s production planning and production set up. Today, Ice Island manipulates well advanced production equipment to make the best snow ice blocks effectively and efficiently.

Some time back, customers have started to recognize Ice Island’s products, strength and ethics. They started to offer their strong support to Ice Island. Till now, Ice Island sincerely cherishes a continuous growing with customers’ precious trust.

In order to grow with the customers, Ice Island works even harder simply because Ice Island believes that the only time Ice Island survives is when the customers are happy and when the customers make profit! Therefore, if there is any chance we may provide our assitance, we want to hear from you, please!!


Reports on Wooly’s ~ the 2011 Vendy Award winner for the best dessert!


Woolys “Snow Ice” sweetens the new food kiosks by the Brooklyn Bridge

Head to downtown Manhattan these days to visit the new food kiosks between the Brooklyn Bridge and Centre Street at Municipal Plaza.  From Mexican to savory crepes and now Woolys Snow Ice, you can definitely cure any stomach pains that occur before lunch time!  Woolys was started by a young entrepreneur, Danny Che, who with his two cousins decided that NYC needed the refreshing treat they had become obsessed with while visiting Thailand and Hawaii. New Yorkers are completely addicted, some confessing to go twice in one day!!  It’s the perfect treat on these hot summer days where the humidity leaves you only wanting something light, icy, and just a tad sweet.  Pictured here is the signature shaved ice, flavored with either green tea or milk, with mangos and strawberries.  They come in two sizes, the wooly ($4) and the mammoth ($6).  Since it’s 90% water and low calorie, this icy dessert just might be the hot summer trend!

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Eating in Translation:

Wooly’s Ice

Snow ice, the proprietors call it, is a hybrid of Hawaiian shave ice and the toppings-heavy Taiwanese version. The ice itself is a hybrid, too. It begins with frozen blocks of water (Wooly’s “original” version) that may be flavored (say, by green tea) but are invariably enriched by a small amount of milk. This milky ice is shaved, by machine, into a serving cup.

A small (shown, $4) takes two toppings and a syrup — for me, the bandera of strawberries, condensed milk, and blueberries. A large, which is more heavily freighted, also wears an Ice Age-appropriate name. (Here’s a broad hint.) “Wooly” might well honor the coarse, you could even say shaggy, appearance of the shavings, which owing to the milk are still meltingly smooth.

Wooly’s Ice
Plaza north of 1 Centre St. (Duane-Reade Sts.), Manhattan
Weekdays, 11:00-5:30

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Wooly’s Ice

Temperatures are regularly hitting the upper 80′s in NYC and sweat circles are becoming a common sight on the streets of the City. When the heat’s too high, I tend to seek freezing refreshment and for lunch today, I took a stroll down to Municipal Plaza and sought out Wooly’s Ice for a Mammoth Green Tea ice topped with mango syrup and blueberries, strawberries, and kiwi fruit ($6). I could have opted for the Fruity Pebbles or Mochi toppings but maybe next time… which is probably tomorrow. The quality of the shaved ice is very fine and powdery like fresh-fallen snow and the flavors are sweet and refreshing. Prior to chowing down on Wooly’s Ice, I’ve been a fan of the Corona Ice King but this may be my new favorite shaved ice treat in New York City.From Wooly’s Ice
Be one of the first to experience a new dessert in NYC!
Wooly’s snow ice is a healthy and delectable dessert unlike any texture you have ever had. Our unique dessert is accompanied with a variety of toppings including fresh seasonal fruits and sumptuous syrups.

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 11:00AM-5:30PM
Address  1 Centre St (Centre St and Reade St. On the right of the U.S. Court House), New York, NY 10007
Phone 917-885-3931

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Chubby Chinese Girl:

Chubby’s New York Food Diary

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ICY TASTE-OFF: Wooly’s vs Shaved Ice Shop

woolys vs shaved ice shop 2
Dear Food Diary:
Shaved ice or BaoBing (in chinese) is one
of my favorite treats during hot summer days. Until recent years, shaved ice was
mostly found in Flushing. In chinatown my spot was UiUi,
but while their toppings are super Taiwanese and traditional (which I love), the
ice is too rocky in texture. Now that the city has been served proper shaved
ice, I’m glad to report that I’ve finally found the perfect fluffy snow ice.
Here’s the taste-off of the two shaved ices “stands”:
Wooly’s is a mix of Hawaiian and Taiwanese shaved ice. A
couple cousins got together and started this sweet icy stand. Their toppings are
more Pinkberry-ish than traditional Taiwanese ones. No red bean, grass jelly
here. Just fruit, mochi, brownies and fruity
woolys 2
What sets them apart is the ice itself. Instead of using
the traditional regular ice, they use a homemade condensed milk flavored ice
. The machine then shaves it into nice fluffy snow
. There’s no store, so I’ve been following them
on facebook and twitter all
summer. Finally was able to try them a couple weeks ago at the South Street
Seaport Food Truck galore. They are usually by City Hall on weekdays and Dekalb
Market on weekends.
woolys 3
I topped mine with ripe mangos, mochi and drizzled Sea
Salt Leche
(fancy for salted condense
woolys 4
Sooo good!!! The best shaved ice I’ve had in the city,
by far.
The ice is so fluffed up and light, all that milkyness just melts in
your mouth. Like milky snow. I loved the mochi, mango and that hint of
salt from the leche on top, but honestly even without any toppings, the ice
itself would satisfy me on any hot summer day. This was the Wolly for $5. Next
time, imma get myself the Mammoth size for
My only suggestion would be adding some more topping
options or the more traditional ones, like egg pudding, red bean, grass jelly or
something with green tea for us folks who grew up with this stuff. But then
again, I don’t want to mess up a good thing, I’m perfectly content with this as
Find them: Facebook and Twitter
Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 5

Shaved Ice
shave ice shop
Has been serving the Hester Street Fair crowd for a
while now. The owner saw a need that wasn’t met in Manhattan and decided to
bring what the grew up with in Asia and Flushing to NYC. Extra points for the
traditional toppings, along with the more modern ones.
shave ice shop 2
For $6 bucks, I got more toppings than Wooly’s. Mango,
sweet red bean, grass jelly and a scoop of green tea ice cream, topped with
condensed milk. Looking at it, I was as excited as ever, but one spoonful and
the ice completely failed the tongue. It wasn’t fluffy or snowy at all, instead
it had a bit of a crunch, sort of rough. The toppings were great and the ice
cream added that creamy, double freeze feel. Since it uses regular ice blocks
for the base, once the outer layer was conquered, the middle was left to be more
bland and watery.
Chubby’s Rating:

chubby rating 3

Chubby’s Icy Taste-off winner:

woolys vs shaved ice shop winner

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Congratulations to Wooly’s for winning 2011 Vendy Award!!

Ice Island is proud to share the news that our valued customer in New York, Wooly’s, has won 2011 Vendy Award for the Best Dessert with snow ice servings!!

(Vendy Award: the largest annual event for New York street food)

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